We are confident ITC will provide the most effective and supportive environment for your battle with cancer due to the following reasons:

Our Scientifically Tested and Targeted Treatments

It is important to us you understand what alternative therapies you are receiving and why we are using them. During your cancer treatment program in our center, we will make sure to answer all of your questions and help you feel as comfortable as possible. We are not just treating your cancer—we are treating your wellbeing and peace of mind during this challenging time in your life.


Our Alternative Approach to Cancer Treatment

We are here to provide Cancer patients with less invasive options to fight their battle with Cancer. ITC’s treatments help to maintain our patient’s quality of life while effectively building their immune system and shrinking the Cancer Tumors. Many times, even patients with advanced, stage-4 cancer, or those who have been told they have no other treatment options, find success with our alternative therapy programs.


Our Emphasis on Personal Attention and Relationships

As you undergo treatment it’s vital to surround yourself with a positive, loving, and compassionate support system. We believe this support system is crucial to help our patients maintain hope, stay energized, and empower them to keep fighting. We truly believe your cancer treatment will be more successful when you are fully engaged with your treatment. Because of this, we ensure each patient has one-on-one time with your doctor every day to ask questions and evaluate your progress. We also encourage relationship building between patients through our cafeteria and optional group treatment rooms.


Our Ability to do what is best for the Patient

Because we are located in Tijuana, a quick thirty-minute drive from the San Diego Airport, we do not operate under the strict US regulations that oftentimes limit options for Cancer patients. Additionally, we are able to operate at lower costs since we do not rely on large pharmaceutical companies and expensive surgeries. “Big hospitals have big regulations, and sometimes you have to follow regulations that are not in the best interest of the patient.”- Dr. Bautista