Join Our Former Patients and Cancer Survivors

We have been a part of many amazing patient success stories at Immunity Therapy Center. Many patients come to us after trying chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and conventional medication. Dr. Bautista’s experience and training in alternative cancer therapy allows him to customize unique, integrated programs that typically see higher survival rates, increased life expectancy, and enhanced quality of life versus conventional treatments alone.*

Your individual success rate will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Your specific diagnosis
  • Your current condition
  • Your medical history

During your initial phone consultation, Dr. Bautista will be honest with you about how much alternative cancer therapy may help you. Should you pursue an alternative treatment plan at Immunity Therapy Center, our promise is to do everything we can to give you the very best chance of recovery, and to help you return to feeling like yourself again.

We are incredibly passionate about what we do. For our team, there is no greater reward.