A warm welcome to our friends from Just Plain Values! You’ve made an important step and we hope to be a beacon of hope for you in your journey to health. Immunity Therapy Center and Dr. Bautista have been healing members of the Mennonite and Amish communities for decades. We understand your values and commitment to effective, affordable, natural healthcare guided by God. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have. 619-333-5961

I Survived Aggressive Cancer

Elaine Reimer, from Spanish Landing, Brazil, came to Immunity Therapy Center in March 2015 after being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

“I had pain in my shoulder, but I thought that was from the work I was doing. Then I had stomach and back pain. By the third week, I couldn’t sing because I couldn’t breathe. Breathing became laborious.”

She was taken to a local doctor who immediately referred her to the ER. There, doctors discovered a 5 inch-wide tumor near her heart, behind her ribcage. Elaine and her family knew she had to act fast.

Many members of her community had been treated by Dr. Bautista, so Elaine did not hesitate to take the trip to Tijuana.

Marie met with Dr. Bautista who created a custom treatment plan for her.

After one month of treatment, a new CT Scan was taken of Marie’s body. The tumor, once the size of a baseball, had vanished.

“We were amazed,” she told us. “The cancer came in fast and had to go out fast.”

Hear Elaine’s story in her own words:


 One of our Great Success Stories

After her outpatient treatment at Immunity Therapy Center, Elaine is now cancer free! She does attend follow-up visits to make sure that there is no recurrence of cancer – a trip she happily makes to see her friends at the Center and to ensure continued good health.

Some therapies that Elaine underwent included:

[blockquote]“I am grateful to God for guiding me to ITC and Dr. Bautista, for they saved my life. My story is one of survival and triumph because of them.” [/blockquote]

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Don’t Wait to Begin Healing

If a patient’s current therapy isn’t going as well as expected or if she would like to explore a holistic approach with fewer side effects and established, effective results, contact an Immunity Therapy Center patient advocate now at 619-870-8002.  Or fill out the form above and a patient advocate will arrange a time for a free doctor consultation.

 Choose Alternative Therapy First

Patients don’t have to wait for conventional medicine to fail. Immunity Therapy Center uniquely offers a balance of conventional and holistic medicine that yields higher survival rates, increased life expectancy, and enhanced quality of life. Patients don’t have to waste time and money or endure the unnecessary side effects of conventional medicine. Let Immune Therapy Center design a holistic, individualized treatment plan that will give your dear one a better chance to reclaim life.

 Personalized Care

Dr. Bautista customizes cancer treatments and alternative therapies specifically to the patient’s body. This treatment plan is informed by the individual’s medical history and is tailored to their current condition. This way, tests are not needlessly repeated and ineffective therapies are quickly changed.

Dr. Bautista and his staff treat the person, not just the body. A patient’s attitude can inform the effectiveness of treatment, and hope often leads to healing. The Immunity Therapy Center team is devoted to supporting and encouraging its patients, both physically and emotionally. To do this, they prioritize clear and honest communication and explain the rationale for selecting and adjusting therapies throughout the entire treatment plan. Patients meet daily with Dr. Bautista so that they can ask questions, review progress, and receive continual emotional support.

Many patients come to Immunity Therapy Center seeking hope and survival after conventional cancer treatments fail them. Immunity Therapy Center’s treatments are designed to strengthen the immune system so it can kill cancer cells while restoring health to the rest of the body. This way, each body is empowered to fight cancer on its own with minimal invasion and fewer side effects.

Immunity Therapy Center offers effective treatment plans for individuals with more advanced, stage 4 cancers, too. The cancer center’s founder, Dr. Carlos Bautista, maintains a low patient load so he is able to provide highly attentive and individualized care.At Immunity Therapy Center we treat a variety of diseases and cancers and bring hope and emotional support to each patient, regardless of the severity of their illness.