Why I Recommend ITC

Sadly, cancer is the epidemic of our time and to receive the diagnosis is horrifying, to say the least. When I was given my diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma cancer in 2017, it was followed by the news that it was incurable. The prognosis was 3 months of chemotherapy, and if I were to survive past 3-6months, stem cell injections and potentially a bone marrow transplant. 

The oncologist hardly had any hope in the tone of his voice, likely because he’s witnessed many die with cancer throughout his career. Thankfully I searched the internet right after receiving this news, and discovered ITC. As soon as I got on the phone with ITC I could hear and feel the presence of hope in their voices and knew this was where I needed to be. They gave me hope that my cancer was not a dreadful death sentence! It was only after 2 and a half short weeks of therapies that I was tested and declared cancer-free! Fast forward to nearly 3 years later, I’m still thriving in optimal health, remaining cancer-free, and it’s for this reason that I recommend ITC to anyone struggling with such a disease. Read more about the multiple myeloma natural treatment ITC provides.

Cancer is 100% curable! And its a joy to be a living example, thanks to ITC.


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