Michael Thomas’ Story

For over 30 years, Michael Thomas worked in the cosmetics industry as an oral chemistry master. He created some of the products and formulations that are in use every day for Redken, Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Biolage and many others. When Michael’s son tragically died due to complications with pain after ankle reconstructive surgery, he decided to take his expertise in chemistry and herbalism and use it for good. After thousands of hours in the laboratory and hundreds of trials, in 1999, Michael Thomas theorized that the 405nm violet light frequency of the visible spectrum could pick up the vibrational harmonics of botanical extracts contained in clear glass vials, and carry that vibration to the body. This breakthrough allowed him to successfully launch his HALO Systems invention into the pain management branch of treatment. A decade later, he utilized his HALO Systems to help his body heal itself of Stage IV blood cancer (leukemia and leukocytopenia) by identifying the best botanicals that would address and support his condition. After a full recovery, several years later Michael Thomas was afflicted with another attack of his blood disorder and after being admitted to the ICU for several weeks was discharged to hospice with a prognosis of 2-3 weeks to live.

How ITC Saved His Life

Having followed the conventional route of medicine, Michael understood the best chance of survival was to implement all the best natural alternative therapies and protocols at the same time. He came to Dr. Carlos Bautista at Immunity Therapy Center for his expert guidance. Because he was too ill to travel, Michael used his HALO Systems multiple times a day for three months until he gained enough strength to complete the journey to ITC for his 3-week multi-protocol therapy program. When Michael arrived at ITC, he was very weak and fragile. Dr. Carlos Bautista customized Thomas’ program which included 16-18 different therapy protocols, including HALO Systems, and within a few days Michael who had to be wheelchaired into the medical center, was able to navigate the facility on his own due to his improving health. Thanks to Dr. Bautista and his staff, today (over one year after he was given only 2 -3 weeks to live) Michael continues to work in the laboratory developing and improving on the chemistry of botanicals to HALO System.

So What is Halo Systems?

Just like plants absorb water and light and convert them into energy during photosynthesis, the treatment energizes the cells within the body tissue to function better and regenerate faster, which in turn leads to increased circulation, accelerated tissue repair, and can ease muscle and joint pain. To do so, the HALO device shines a specific concentrated frequency of light to radiate through the vials, packed with amino acids, herbs and plant essences, to stimulate a response from the cells within the body. Combined with light, these extracts help to produce vitamin D, provide energy and serotonin, and help to accelerate the body’s natural repair processes

Over the last 9 years, more than 500 doctors, health practitioners, clinics and health facilities all over the world, Including Immunity Therapy Center, have been using this unique therapy, administering it via a hand-held health device invented by Michael, called HALO Systems. Every known health problem appears to respond well to this drug-free, non-invasive, lightning-fast technology, which is now available to the general public for home use.

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