According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the leading cause of death globally. In 2020 alone, it accounted for approximately 10 million death. This equates to one of every six deaths. 

While the name strikes fear, it’s important to know that cancer is curable if detected and treated early on. So, as a cancer patient, survivor, or caregiver, it’s important to know how best to keep cancer at bay.

As you know, there are several cancer treatments available. The most appropriate one often depends on the type of cancer, stage, and whether you have other prevailing conditions. Such treatments include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Immunotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Targeted drug therapy
  • Hormone therapy

All these are administered through certified medical professionals and facilities. So despite scary figures relating to cancer deaths, there are many long-term survivors. And beyond the treatments mentioned above options, you also have a role to play in your fight against cancer. 

As per research, you can enhance the prevention of cancer-related outcomes by eating a plant-based diet. This means more greens, fruits, and cereals and avoiding red meat and dairy products. 

While research has only recently confirmed this as a viable way to manage cancer, it’s not a new concept. In fact, one such treatment method, Gerson Therapy, has been around since the early 1900s.

Read on to learn more about Gerson Therapy and how plant-based diets help in the fight against cancer. 


What Is the Gerson Therapy?

Also known as the Gerson Therapy diet, Gerson Therapy is a specialized natural treatment method that detoxifies and strengthens the immune system. In so doing, it helps treat cancer and other conditions like tuberculosis, migraine, and other degenerative diseases.

German physician Max Gerson developed it in the 1920s. He first used Gerson therapy to treat his headache. Then, due to the positive results, he went on to use it as a treatment for cancer and tuberculosis. 

His firm belief is that chronic diseases such as cancer result from changes in metabolism. This occurs due to the accumulation of toxic substances. As such, he designed his treatment method to help restore patients’ health through detoxification and improving immunity.

As a cancer treatment, patients need to hold three beliefs for it to work. These are:

  • Cancer is a symptom signifying a far greater ailment affecting the body rather than a disease
  • Detoxifying and improving the immune system can restore the body to its normal metabolic state and trigger self-healing
  • Healthy consumption of vitamins and a strictly controlled vegetarian diet can help treat heart disease and different types of cancer,  including different types of lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and more

While there’s merit in recommending a plant-based diet for cancer survivors, the Gerson therapy in Mexico has some limitations. Wondering how do toxins leave the body, especially those that can cause cancer? For starters, Gerson therapy based on the idea that consuming lots of fruits and vegetables restores the body’s natural balance and remove toxins

It goes on to suggest that such vegertarian diet also cleanses the liver and that coffee enemas help eliminate toxins from the colon and liver through excretion. Another key pillar of the therapy is that you can get rid of cancer cells by consuming supplements. 

However, it’s important to note that modern scientific data does not support these assertions. Even still, the Gerson therapy has plenty of believers. 

To continue her father’s work and honor him, Charlotte Gerson founded the Gerson Institute. It’s a nonprofit organization that offers learning materials and training in Gerson Therapy. 

Any medical practitioners who complete the Gerson training program can become Gerson practitioners who can administer the therapy.  

How It Works

While treating cancer patients, Gerson noticed that patients had some degenerated organs, especially the liver. From his assessment, he determined that a likely cause is the body trying to remove unknown toxins produced by the overall disease. 

To help with this, his treatment regimen involves three key components:

1. Diet

To say that the Gerson Therapy diet is plant-based is somewhat an understatement; it’s entirely vegetarian. Moreover, it also involves limiting the consumption of fats, protein, and sodium to very small amounts.

The objective is to flood the body with nutrients to help revitalize the immune system and restore the natural balance. As such, the vegan diet advises that you consume 7 to 9 kilograms of organic food daily. 

While the vegan diet largely consists of vegetables and fruits, you won’t consume them as they are. Instead, you’ll have to make raw juices and drink a 240ml glass hourly for thirteen times each day. 

Each glass of juice should be fresh to ensure you consume as many nutrients as possible. So, you can’t make a lot of juice and store it. This is because it should not take more than a few minutes from when you make the juice to when you drink it.

In addition, the Gerson plant based diet recommends a particular method of making the juice. You should grind the vegetables into a pulp and only extract them by squeezing them under high pressure. In this regard, the Gerson Institute offers approved appliances.

They claim that these produce juices up to 50 times richer in some nutrients while producing more juice than other juicers. 

2. Supplements

The second element of Gerson Therapy is supplements. But, if you’re already consuming a diet rich in nutrients, you may wonder why you also need supplements.

With this therapy, the primary role of supplements is to support metabolic processes at the cell level. One of the primary supplements used is potassium. This is because he believed that the potassium levels in diseased cells were low while sodium levels were excessive.

After consuming a plant based diet low in sodium and high in potassium for some time, Gerson reportedly observed that their cells would shrink. He interpreted this as a sign of recovery.

In addition to potassium, other supplements are used in Gerson Therapy. They include:

  • Pancreatic enzymes
  • Lugol’s solution (Potassium iodide and iodide in water)
  • Potassium
  • Vitamins B3 and B12
  • Thyroid hormone supplement

3. Detoxification

The liver is the main organ tasked with cleansing your body of toxins. However, once you begin the Gerson Therapy diet, Gerson observed that the liver becomes overworked. This is alleged because more toxins are released from the body thanks to a nutritious diet and supplements.

If your liver is overworked for too long, it can fail, translating to further health issues. As a remedial measure, coffee enemas are a key part of Gerson Therapy. It’s claimed that they help widen the bile duct, a small tube that carries waste from the liver to the intestines.  

As a result, it makes it easier for the liver to release toxins. So, dieters are advised to do one coffee enema for every three glasses of juice.

Is Gerson Therapy a Reliable Cancer Treatment?

The first thing you should know about Gerson Therapy is that many of the elements it’s based on have no other scientific backing. For instance, it’s not proven that eating highly nutritious plant based diet can help remove toxins from cells. 

However, this does not mean that the Therapy is discredited. On the contrary, for several decades, numerous people have believed in it and reported benefitting it. 

Moreover, there have been scientific studies into the relationship between Gerson Therapy and cancer treatment. The results indicate that the therapy is worth further assessment.

One study focused on six individuals with aggressive cancers who followed the Gerson Therapy. Along with experiencing an improved quality of life, they also survived longer than predictions based on conventional treatments. 

In another study, the Gerson institute worked closely with the Gerson Research Organization. It involved 153 subjects with skin cancer on the Gerson Therapy. These patients survived longer than their counterparts on conventional treatment methods. 

While these studies show that Gerson Therapy can help with cancer treatment, they’re not broad enough. Also, it’s fair to point out that with the one conducted by the Gerson Institute, there’s a conflict of interest. 

Side Effects of the Gerson Therapy

As with most other treatments, Gerson Therapy also has some side effects. These include:

  • Dehydration 
  • Fits
  • Infections
  • Salt and mineral imbalances
  • Inflammation of the bowels and constipation 
  • Lung and heart problems that can be fatal
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Appetite loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness and weakness
  • Cold sores

Cost of the Gerson Therapy

If you’re still curious about Gerson Therapy, you should learn how much it will cost. Along with committing to the therapy for two years and making significant lifestyle changes, you should expect to spend $15,000 or more.

You can choose between in-facility care at clinics run by the Greson Institute or at-home treatment. With the former, you’ll also have to factor in airfare, as the most popular Gerson clinics are in Mexico and Hungary. 

Therefore, before you start, ensure you have a clear picture of the costs you’ll incur.

Get the Care You Deserve

As a cancer patient, your care can significantly affect whether you overcome the disease and the quality of life you enjoy.

At Immunity Therapy Center, we offer professional, reliable, and compassionate cancer care. We have a team of experienced medical professionals and offer a variety of alternative therapies. So, contact us today for professional cancer care. 


Written By: Dr. Pablo Orozco

Dr. Pablo Orozco is a Board Certified Medical Doctor from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California.

Dr. Orozco has been a treating physician at the Immunity Therapy Center for more than 3 years providing daily on site patient care. He works with patients on a daily basis and guides them through the treatment process. Dr. Orozco’s passion for Alternative Cancer Treatments along with his commitment to patient care is key to insure that our patients have the best experience and results possible.



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