When a patient hears the words, “breast cancer,” many conversations follow. Breast cancer is one of the more common types of cancer and requires treatment to slow the spread and even prevent it. In the United States alone, there are over 260,000 cases diagnosed between both men and women.  Lifestyle changes will have to be made, but there are also treatments that are available for breast cancer patients to take advantage of both conventional and alternative therapies. Conventional treatment is usually used to directly target breast cancer, while alternative medicine fights against cancer using a more natural, less invasive approach. Alternative medicines can also help to relieve the symptoms of the condition, such as pain or decreased energy levels. Nearly 80 percent of breast cancer survivors choose to use one or more alternative therapies during their treatment, so it’s important to understand how they differ from traditional options.

How Do Alternative Treatments Differ From Traditional Options? 

When looking at traditional vs. alternative breast cancer treatment plans, it is first important to understand that the term “alternative treatments” can be used in connection with traditional options. Traditional options include radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and prescriptions.

Conventional treatments target the underlying breast cancer itself, but may be more invasive and therefore have larger scale side effects.

Types of Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments

If a patient is interested in what to know about alternative breast cancer treatments, then they have the following options to consider. These treatments all have different focuses, and many patients find themselves taking advantage of more than one during this time.

Nutrition Therapy

Ensuring that the body has everything it needs to be healthy and fight cancer cells is at the core of nutrition therapy. The increased immune system will naturally fight the breast cancer cells and work to prevent the spread of these cells throughout the body. When it comes to cancer, being able to stop and fight it from all angles using conventional cancer treatment, targeted therapy, clinical trials, conventional medicine, standard treatment, complementary medicine, or integrative medicine gives cancer patients the most success with their treatment. Patients can use these therapies even after they have beaten cancer to ensure they are living their best life with reduced chances of cancer returning. 

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Cartilage IV Therapy

One natural therapy with demonstrated efficacy has been using shark or cow cartilage as a cancer treatment. Breaking down this substance results in a compound that, when administered intravenously, may inhibit blood vessel formation, shrinking tumors. When utilized in tandem with other cancer therapies, cartilage IV therapy has been demonstrated to have anticancer possibilities.

HALO Therapy

HALO therapy, or biophoteic therapy, utilizes focused LED light techniques to promote tissue healing and reduce inflammation. This type of therapy has been demonstrated particularly useful for individuals with chronic respiratory issues or certain types of lung cancer. The improved lung functioning resulting from halotherapy can have positive effects on a humber of health-related factors factors. In halotherapy, specific frequencies of light are transmitted through botanicals and into the affected muscular area or bodily organ, which reduced inflammation caused by cancer or irritation. 

B17 Therapy

B17, or amygalin, has been a long standing alternative cancer treatment. This compound, originally found in the seeds and pits of fruits, can be purified and injected intravenously or intramuscularly as an effective anti-cancer treatment. When combined with attention to nutrition and a diet high in supplements, this therapy could be helpful in killing cancer cells and leaving healthy cells undisturbed.

Can Patients Practice More Than One Alternative Treatment?

While not all of the treatment options may be right for each patient, each patient can find at least one alternative treatment option that can help them with what they are experiencing while they go through the required treatments and survive the battle against breast cancer. Treatments for breast cancer tend to start relatively quickly after the diagnosis is made, so breast cancer patients should also look into starting alternative treatment options, also, so there isn’t a lag and they get overwhelmed with too much fatigue and pain for these treatments. It is also important to ensure that the patient has the support they need to face this challenge. If someone you love has recently discovered a cancerous lump, there are many ways support someone with breast cancer.

Moving Forward With Alternative Treatments

Depending on what a patient may be struggling with the most, it is okay to try out different alternative treatments and see which is a good fit. If you or your loved one is considering supplementing treatments with alternative options as a way to help with breast cancer, it is time to contact Immunity Therapy Center today for more information. We offer an extensive amount of treatment options that include natural options and additional alternative options such as radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy, clinical trials, and conventional medicine to help you overcome breast cancer.


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Written By: Dr. David Alvarez

Dr. David Alvarez is a Board Certified Medical Doctor from Universidad Xochicalco and Certified by the American Heart Association (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support).

Dr. Alvarez has been collaborating with Dr. Bautista as an Assistant Medical Director at the Immunity Therapy Center for over 6 years. He provides daily on site patient care and participates on the medical board on research and development of patient treatment plans and programs. Dr. Alvarez is a knowledgeable and compassionate Doctor committed to helping patients get to where they want to be health wise through a more holistic and comprehensive approach.



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February 12, 2023

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