If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you may be considering natural breast cancer treatments.

Alternative options to treat cancer can refer to several treatments that are not part of conventional medicine. They may be used on their own or in combination with conventional treatments. The difference between alternative vs. conventional breast cancer treatment plans comes down to the fact that alternative medicine is a method of cancer treatment that enhances your body’s natural disease prevention system—the immune system—instead of flushing the body with toxic chemotherapy chemicals. Chemotherapy works by ridding the body of both healthy and cancerous cells so that it cannot decipher between the two. That’s why at ITC, we focus on alternative treatments that support your overall health.  Here you can read more on the difference between alternative vs. conventional Breast Cancer Treatment Plans.

For a bit of background on breast cancer — breast cancer forms in tissues of the breast. It occurs in both men and women, through breast cancer in men is rare. The most common type of breast cancer is ductal carcinoma, which begins in the lining of the milk ducts (the thin tubes that carry milk from the lobules of the breast to the nipple). There is also lobular carcinoma, which begins in the lobules (milk glands) of the breast. Invasive breast cancer moves from the breast ducts or lobules and spreads to surrounding normal tissue.

Some forms of the disease include:

  • Adenocarcinoma – The most common type of breast cancer found in the glands of ducts and lobules.
  • Paget disease of the nipple – A rare cancer that forms in the ducts of the breast and spreads to the areola and the skin of the nipple.
  • Inflammatory breast cancer – An invasive type of cancer that is only found in a small percentage of women with breast cancer.
  • Angiosarcoma – An exceedingly rare type of breast cancer that arises in cells that line blood vessels or lymph vessels.

At Immunity Therapy Center, we know that the type of cancer you or your loved one is dealing with is unique. That’s why Dr. Bautista will not prescribe any cancer treatments or alternative therapies until he has completed a thorough consultation and evaluation. The treatment plan he then prescribes is tailored specifically to your body, as a natural, holistic, and integrative treatment program.

Often, there is skepticism around alternative treatments. In part, this is due to the strict regulations that the U.S. has again doctors providing less invasive and non-invasive holistic treatments. That’s why the leading doctors in alternative therapy are predominantly found at cancer clinics in Tijuana, where they strive to provide patients a non-invasive treatment plan with less unpleasant side effects.

If you’ve found yourself asking — alternative breast cancer treatments do they work? — read on. We’ll dive deeper into what alternative treatment is like at ITC and discuss what it does for your body, mind and, soul. 

What Do Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments Do?

Alternative treatments are immunotherapy and are designed to boost your natural ability to fight cancer. The specific alternative therapies the patients receive depends on their customized treatment program.

For most of our patients, we focus on not just killing the cancer cells, but on immunotherapy as well. Immunotherapy will boost your immune system’s ability to fight cancer and will help your immune system become stronger.

Often, when battling cancer, the immune system fails to recognize that you have cancer. It’s often been weakened by chemotherapy and conventional treatments, which causes it to lose strength. 

Many of our alternative therapies are non-invasive, or less invasive than conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. We focus on treatments that are specifically targeted to kill cancer cells, without harming the good cells. Because of this, our treatments for breast cancer support your overall health and have fewer side effects than conventional therapies. 

Bette Johnson, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2016. After research for alternative treatments, Bette Johnson decided to visit the Immunity Therapy Center for 4 weeks of treatment. 

“There’s no judgment,” Bette said, “every day is a wonderful, peaceful day where you just go through natural treatment and then you find out, like I did yesterday, that my tumor is now gone. I am going home, cancer-free.”

Bette’s story is the kind that pushes us forward with alternative breast cancer treatments and gives us hope to keep fighting.

What is Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment Like at ITC?

At ITC, our treatment process treats cancer naturally. 

We offer a variety of natural, effective, alternative cancer treatment options. We recognize that every patient’s health and disease are different, which is why we provide multiple holistic cancer treatment options. We also give our patients the ability to combine our treatments in a customized cancer treatment program. In doing so, we work to give you the best chance of an enhanced quality of life, improved prognosis, and remission.

First, Dr. Bautista meets with patients for an evaluation and to spend time getting to know one another. He reviews the initial diagnosis along with your current condition and previous cancer treatments and asks questions about your experience with cancer thus far. We like to know how you’re feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally, as they all play important parts in your treatment. 

From there, Dr. Bautista will develop a completely custom, integrative, and holistic cancer therapy program for you to receive during your stay with ITC. 

Most of our natural cancer treatment programs last three weeks, depending on the type of cancer, its stage, and your condition. During your time in our facility, you’ll find peace, restoration, and an environment filled with hope and positivity. You’ll meet with Dr. Bautista each day to evaluate how your treatment is progressing.

When Sherri Drew from Colorado Springs, Colorado, was diagnosed with Stage 2 B Breast Cancer, she immediately reached out to the Immunity Therapy Center. 

“I felt nothing but goodness here,” Sherri said, “Everyone here is full of hope, joy, and love. I couldn’t speak more highly for the love and compassion and care that is given here.”

For Sherri, ITC provided a positive, compassionate environment to fight her diagnosis — different than in America, where Sherri was treated as a victim. Like many other patients, Sherri is appreciated for the work Dr. Bautista does and is thankful that he has challenged traditional routes to bring something different to his patients.

When asked about a message that Sherri has for those deciding whether or not to take an alternative route she stated, “You are safe here. This is where you need to come to battle this horrible disease. This should be your first resort.”

Alternative breast cancer treatments — do they work?

We believe there is no better way to understand the experience that surrounds the Immunity Therapy Center experience than through the stories of our patients. In candid conversations with former patients, you’ll see firsthand what makes alternative cancer therapy at a holistic Mexican cancer clinic unique and effective. 

Barbara Caudill arrived at the Immunity Therapy Center in a wheelchair. unable to walk and with little hope to live. She said, “I knew there had to be something different, and I found it.” 

Barbara witnessed firsthand how Dr. Bautista worked to build a center that brings life back into patients by stepping outside of the box. 

We hope that these amazing stories inspire you, as they have inspired us, and give you a sense of hope as you look to the future.

Whether you’re battling breast cancer or another type of cancer, alternative treatments offer a natural and effective way to target and kill cancer cells while also maintaining your physical health and emotional state. 

Mainstream medicine fails to account for the patient’s mental wellbeing and the role it plays in helping the body to heal. That’s why at ITC, we’ve made a commitment to provide the best patient experience and get you the best results, while also keeping your spirits high. 

To learn more about our options for treating breast cancer and to take control of your health, reach out to us today. Or you can reference How You Can Support Someone With Breast Cancer for more helpful resources and advice from our team.  We look forward to providing a nurturing, positive environment where you can find the attentive, individualized care you deserve. We are incredibly passionate about what we do. For our team, there is no greater reward than to help you return to feeling like yourself again. Contact a holistic cancer doctor and ask for a personalized alternative and natural therapy.

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Written By: Dr. Pablo Orozco

Dr. Pablo Orozco is a Board Certified Medical Doctor from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California.

Dr. Orozco has been a treating physician at the Immunity Therapy Center for more than 3 years providing daily on site patient care. He works with patients on a daily basis and guides them through the treatment process. Dr. Orozco’s passion for Alternative Cancer Treatments along with his commitment to patient care is key to insure that our patients have the best experience and results possible.




November 7, 2019

Dr. Carlos Bautista is a Board Certified Medical Doctor. He received his Medical Degree from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California and has more than 20 years of experience working with Alternative Medicine to treat cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic degenerative diseases, and infectious diseases. He opened Immunity Therapy Center in 2007 with the goal of providing the highest quality medical care for more than 5,000 patients.

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