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Steady progress in our understanding of the immune system has led to an effective, minimally invasive therapy option: the anticancer vaccine. Seventy years ago, scientists began developing the viral anticancer vaccine, and as the medical community’s grasp of the immune system improved, the vaccine emerged. Now, medical experts can use a vaccine to direct the … read more »

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Diana’s Story We all know that life can change in a heartbeat.  It can happen as fast as a car skidding on a patch of ice, a sudden tumble from a ladder, or the delivery of a shocking medical diagnosis.  In that very moment, life can seem to stand still. It’s as if we are … read more »

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A cancer diagnosis often takes a hefty emotional toll. Many individuals report experiencing anxiety, depression, and other significant mental health side effects when they learn their well-being is at risk. If you’re facing cancer, consider the following suggestions for mitigating the emotional impact a diagnosis often brings. Find A Community You are not alone, and … read more »

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When developing your recovery diet, it’s important to know which nutrients deliver the most anti-cancer properties. Foods rich with ellagic acid, a plant polyphenol, are cancer diet all-stars. Ellagic acid isn’t currently used as an independent treatment, but it should play a central role in your food regimen. Ellagic Acid and Cancer Cell Suicide The … read more »

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Treat the Whole, Not Just the Part Too often we think of cancer as an isolated entity—the tumor measures this many centimeters, the cancer grows in this organ. But cancer doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and treatment shouldn’t either. Alternative therapies treat the whole body and the whole person, not just an isolated region. One … read more »