Cancer Treatment in Mexico

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We Provide Fully Customized, Holistic Treatment

Your cancer is unique. Dr. Bautista will not prescribe any cancer treatments or alternative therapies until he has completed a thorough consultation and evaluation. The treatments he does prescribe are then tailored specifically to your body—taking into account the type of cancer you have, the stage, previous medical treatments and therapy you have received and your medical and family history. You will start a natural, holistic, integrative treatment program.

Your custom cancer treatment program may include one or more specific alternative therapy, or a combination of alternative therapy and conventional cancer treatment. Throughout the treatment program, you will get one-on-one time with Dr. Bautista every day to ask questions and evaluate your treatment. Our natural therapies are designed not just to kill cancer cells, but restore the health of the rest of your body so it’s better able to fight cancer on its own. If your therapy is not going as well as expected, Dr. Bautista may make adjustments to your program. This attentive, individual care gives us a better chance of successfully treating cancer or other autoimmune or degenerative diseases.