Mexican Clinics
Cancer Treatment in Tijuana


A global leader in cancer treatment

Mexico is home to many prominent alternative therapy cancer clinics. The best of these offer synergistic care, combining conventional medicine with alternative therapies to achieve maximum results.


Why Mexico?

Physicians in Mexico are able to offer effective therapies that have yet to receive approval in the U.S. This makes Mexican clinics an attractive option for patients interested in securing less invasive, holistic cancer treatment. Thousands of patients travel from around the world to access this care.


What are the clinics like?

Alternative cancer clinics in Mexico are typically fully staffed, functional hospitals. The majority of them are conveniently located in Tijuana, very close to the U.S. border. Treatment is usually done entirely in-house for a relatively short time, often for just three weeks. During treatment, patients can secure deluxe accommodations, either in the clinics or in nearby hotels. Amenities-rich Tijuana proves an ideal destination for patients reclaiming their health.


What do they offer?

Many of these clinics share a core set of objectives. These include:

  •      Administering non-toxic therapies
  •      Strengthening the immune system
  •      Incorporating essential nutrients
  •      Oxygenating the body
  •      Strengthening mental health

Because Mexico is able to offer a wide variety of therapies, the treatment options are vast. They often include:

  •      Rife therapy
  •      HALO therapy
  •      Viral Anticancer Vaccine
  •      Radiofrequency ablation (RFA)
  •      Bemer therapy
  •      Sonodynamic therapy
  •      Insulation potentiation therapy (IPT)
  •      DMOS potentiation therapy (DPT)

Finding the right clinic for YOUR cancer

When developing your cancer treatment plan, remember to contact a clinic that can offer you the full range of effective therapies. This is your cancer, your body, your journey, and you deserve a medical team that is committed to treating the whole person, not just the cancer.