Survivor Stories
How one patient beat melanoma



We all know that life can change in a heartbeat.  It can happen as fast as a car skidding on a patch of ice, a sudden tumble from a ladder, or the delivery of a shocking medical diagnosis.  In that very moment, life can seem to stand still. It’s as if we are offered a micro-second of respite before we are forced to respond to the new reality that is staring us in the face.

On a day in January 2018, this is exactly what happened to Diana when her normal life was abruptly interrupted by three devastating words: metastatic malignant melanoma.

What follows is a story of ineffable love, courage, and grace—three hallmarks of Diana’s character before, during, and after her diagnosis. She, of course, is not alone in this story.  She is in the company of men and women whose compassion and commitment to her healing remind us why the root of the word humaneness is human.